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test systems for solar inverters

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test systems for solar inverters
according to IEC/EN 50530

PAS 5000 GN Kfz


Due to the climate change the use of regenerative energy sources is promoted increasingly. The use of solar energy is becoming more and more important. The ideal test system for solar inverters consists of a photovoltaic solar cell simulator (PVS), a mains supply system simulator (DM 90000/PAS) and a power recuperation unit (PRU) which reduces the energy consumption of the entire system by approxamently 70% . Operating ranges are: ◾U: 0…950V / I:0…350A / P:0…200kW ◾regulating speed < 100µs

RLC Load
Anti-islanding test
a problem when using photovoltaic generation

In the event of switching off or loss of function of the supervising supply network islanding networks can appear, in which the local generator is still driving the supply voltage and supplying the network connected loads without any monitoring and supervision of voltage level and wave shape and frequency of the power supply companies.

In this case damages can occur on the connected equipment, on customer loads as well as accidents on the service personnel.

Our test system for anti-islanding is a RLC load for testing according to IEC/EN 62116 and VDE 0126-1-1


Power Recuperation Unit PRU
◾ consumes the gene-rated power of the solar inverter and feeds it back into the mains
◾ reduces the heat exhaustion and therefore the power losses of the system
◾ increases the sink power capability up to 6 times the nominal value
◾ without influencing the simulated voltage.


Power Recuperation Unit PRU
Power Recuperation Unit PRU


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