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Photovoltaic Simulators

Spitzenberger & spies
Photovoltaic Simulators

Test results for Inverter Test

    - Static MPP
    - Dynamic MPP
    - Anti islanding


    Free programmable I/V characteristics
     Different solar cells and also partly shadowed
    PV-generators can be simulated.
     Fast response time to load changes:
    typical less than 100μs
     100Hz ripple on current and voltage of single
    phase inverters is reproduced realistically
     The I/V curve is simulated very accurately
     Ability to simulate dynamic irradiance and
    temperature, possibility of simulation of the
    behavior of a PV-generator during a typical
    cloudy or clear day
     Evaluation of static and dynamic
    MPP-tracking efficiency
     Complies with the requirements according to
    IEC/EN 50530
     Available in standard version (up to 950VDC) and
    low-voltage version (up to 150VDC) for micro inverter
    The relating standards: IEC/EN 50530 IEC/EN 62116 VDE 0126-2 IEEE 1547


    Spitzenberger & Spies PVS 25000



Spitzenberger & Spies