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TURNDEVICES Measurement systems for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other specific electronic equipment, can be achieved using hi-tech materials, such as Rohacell ® (as used in aerospace industry). innco systems 2D and 3D positioning systems are custom designed to meet each new challenge, for mobile phones to wireless network equipment. The ultra-low permittivity of the materials used, ensures that no distortion of measurement accuracy will be seen during testing. innco systems have designed and developed a number of unique positioning systems such as Tire-Pressure- Sensors-Positioner and SAR systems.
• Head material Rohacell®
• Up to 10 kg load
• Various holders for EUTs
• Turning plat made of Rohacell®
• Up to 5 kg load
• Two turning axis

Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet innco systems Turn Devices Data Sheet
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