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innco systems Controllers and Hand Control Units
Controllers The introduction of our new CO3000 controller combines more than 20 years of experience, with research and development, taking into consideration feedback from existing new and existing customers. The intuitive design provides a 7’’ TFT display, allowing easy and precise operation in manual, semi-automatic and remote control mode. The controller supports Innco and Innco-systems positioning devices, which are controlled via fiber optic cables. The GPIB (IEEE) and LAN (TCP/IP) ports add additional control methods and for future upgrades.
Innco also offers a Hand Control Unit (HCU) for use with up to 3 devices.
The connection of the HCU can be by either fiber optic or wire cable.
• Control up to one, four or eight devices
• Fiber optic cable connection
• GPIB & TCP/IP for remote control
• Drive support by all measurement software providers


Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet innco systems Controller CO3000-1D Data Sheet


Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet innco systems Controller CO3000 Data Sheet
• Control up to three devices
• Fiber optic cable connection
• EMC shielded for chamber usage
• Works with CO 2000 & CO 3000
• Control of one single device
• Fiber optic cable connection
• Incl. dll file for VB or C++
• Incl. demo program
• No external power supply needed
• Control of one polarisation axis
• Fiber optic cable connection
• GPIB for remote control
• Electric switch for manual operation


Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet innco systems Controllers & Hand Control Units Data Sheet
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