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    Horn Antennas available from Reliant EMC
    LPDA Hybrid Antennas available from Reliant EMC
    Biconical Antennas available from Reliant EMC
    Dipole Antennas available from Reliant EMC
    Loop Antennas available from Reliant EMC
    Passive Monopole and Rod Antennas available from Reliant EMC
    Active Monopole and Biconical Antennas available from Reliant EMC
    3D Tracking Antennas available from Reliant EMC
    Isotropic Antennas available from Reliant EMC

Frankonia AbsorbersAmplifiers available from Reliant EMCAnalyzers available from Reliant EMCAntennas from Reliant EMCAntenna Masts, Adapters, Feet, Wheels and ExtendersCDN's available from Reliant EMCCells & Chambers available from Reliant EMCClamps & Blocking Filters available from Reliant EMCYork EMC Services Comparision Noise Emitters (CNE)mk messtechnik EMC CamerasEnvironmental Chambers from SanwoodERS - Emission Reference Source from Laplace InstrumentsESD Simulators from SchloderFilters from Reliant EMCGenerators available from Reliant EMCGTEM Italia GTEM Product LineLISN's available from Reliant EMCMeters available from Reliant EMC
LUMILOOP - Power and Data over Fiber OpticsPower Supplies available from Reliant EMCProbes available from Reliant EMCReceivers avilable from Reliant EMCSeiberdorf Laboratories Site ValidationEMC Software available from Reliant EMCRF Synthesizer from Laplace InstrumentsTest Systems from Reliant EMCYork Reference Sources


Welcome to Reliant EMC, where finding the solution to your EMC Testing Requirements is as easy as 1-2-3.

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About Reliant EMC LLC

Reliant EMC LLC is your top source for the EMC test equipment that will enable you to reduce cost and time by self testing and self certifying your products for Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC).

Reliant EMC LLC provides cost effective and pragmatic solutions for EMC testing. Located in San Jose California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Reliant EMC offers first class support for all of your Emission and Immunity Testing requirements.

Please contact us for all of your EMC needs.

Reliant EMC LLC
Telephone: 408 916-5750
E-mail: Contact (at)
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· Aaronia - Antennas and Probes
· AFJ Instruments - EMI Receivers and Click Analyzer
· A-INFO - Horn Antennas up to 325GHz
· COM-POWER - LISNs, CDNs, Comb Generators
· CPI - TWT RF Power Amplifiers
· DANA - AC/DC Linear Power Supplies
· Diamond Engineering - Antenna Stands
· DMC - Absorbers
· EMCIS - Filter Design Products
· EMC Pioneer - Absorbers, System Level EMI Filters
· EMC Test Design - Field Probes
· Empower RF Systems - Amplifiers
· Eurofins York - Comb and Noise Generators
· Exodus Advanced Communications Power Amplifiers
· Frankonia - Anechoic Chambers
· GTEM Italia - GTEM, TEM and Open GTEM Cells
· HILO-TEST - Immunity Test Systems
· innco systems - Positioning Systems for EMC
· Kapteos - Vector Electric Field Probes
· Laplace Instruments - Emission and Immunity Testing · LUMILOOP - Fiber Optic Power & Data
· Microrad - Probes and Meters
· mk-messtechnik - EMC Cameras
· NEXO - Automation Test Software
· OnFILTER - EMI Filters
· Pearson Electronics – Precision Current-monitoring Transformers
· PMI – RF Power Amplifiers
· PRC-COM – Helical Antennas for military & aerospace
· Preen – Switched AC/DC Power Supplies
· Rohde & Schwarz – Receivers, Amplifiers, Signal Generators
· Sanwood - Environmental Test Chambers
· Schlöder - EMC Test and Measurement Systems
· Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik - Antennas
· Seibersdorf Laboratories - Site & Chamber Validation
· Select Fabricators - Fabric RF/ EMI Enclosures
· Shielding Integrity Services - Site Validation
· SPINNER Group - Attenuators
· Spitzenberger & Spies - Linear Amplifiers


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