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Company Background
Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik was founded by Günter Schwarz Beck in 1953. Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik is headquartered in Schoenau - Altneudorf, near Heidelberg, Germany.
The main focus of Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik is the development, manufacture and distribution of products and services related to EMC measurements.
Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik products include radio disturbance, Calibration pulse generators, antennas, LISN, near-field probes, Helmholtz coils, lamp replicas and strain clamps.
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Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik was a pioneer in Europe and especially in Germany in the development and manufacture of EMI receivers and Calibration Impulse Generators. The EMI test was developed by Günter Schwarz Beck in the 50s along with the VDE.
Calibration Impulse Generators produce extremely steep rising nanosecond pulses with high voltages in a wide spectrum frequency range after Fourier transformation. You use these to calibrate a measuring receiver.
Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik participated in an international ring comparison for the calibration of precision dipsticks and is active in various standardization committees.
Founder Background
Günter Schwarz Beck was a amateur radio operator ( DL1BU ) and worked for years as a technical advisor to the DARC and was a lecturer at the Technical Academy Esslingen. Numerous scientific literature is published under his name. He died on 2 April 2008 at the age of 80 years in Schoenau.


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