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Description: Biconical Antennas have dipole like characteristics (e.g. circular directional pattern in the H-plane,"8"-shaped in the E-plane, fixed phase center, comparable gain), with an enormous wide bandwidth achieved by the double cone elements.
One of the earliest and worldwide most popular biconical antenna designs is the BBA 9106 with balun VHA 9103 B.
During the last years a growing need for expanded frequency ranges arised, which led to the design of biconical antennas reaching down to frequencies of 20 MHz and up to 18 GHz and above.
A further increase of bandwidth was achieved with qualified 4:1 baluns, providing a typical gain increase of approx. 6 dB at the lower frequency range.

The biconical elements can be mounted and dismounted within a few seconds providing perfect contact repeatability thanks to special clamping fixtures. A small wrench made of insulating material is supplied with the balun, it is tied to the balun head and thus always available whenever needed.

Biconical antennas can be used for many applications, in which half-wave dipoles have been used traditionally.
An enormous reduction of measurement time can be achieved, because the time consuming tuning of the antenna elements to the half wavelength is not needed, an important condition for sweeped broadband measurements. In typical dipole applications several discrete frequencies are measured, in contrast the biconical antenna allows continuous sweeps, where site anomalies are discovered much easier.

Typical Applications For Biconical Antennas Are:
  •  · Broadband RX-antenna for emission testing (20-300 MHz)
  •  · TX-antenna for immunity testing, especially at low frequencies
  •  · Measurements of shielding effectiveness
  •  · Evaluation of test sites e.g. anechoic rooms (FAC) and open area test sites (OATS)
  •  · Passive field probe for immunity testing
A big variety of baluns and biconical elements allows to choose the optimum antenna for each specific application. The baluns marked with "RX" are especially designed for receiving applications (because of their superior symmetry), the baluns marked with "TX" are suitable for immunity testing with high power.


Schwarzbeck Biconical Antennas Family
Schwarzbeck Biconical Antennas Family


Biconical Antenna Description
Biconical Antenna Graph
Biconical Antenna Family
Biconical Antenna Catagories
• Biconical Elements With Different Antenna Holder/Balun Combinations
BBA 9106 Biconical Elements
- BBA 9106 with VHA 9103 B
- BBA 9106 with VHBB 9124
- BBA 9106 with HFBA 9122
- BBA 9106 with VHBA 9123
- BBA 9106 with VHBC 9133
- BBA 9106 with VHBD 9134
BBAL 9136 Biconical Elements
- BBAL 9136 with VHA 9103 B
- BBAL 9136 with VHBB 9124
- BBAL 9136 with HFBA 9122
- BBAL 9136 with HFBA 9123
- BBAL 9136 with VHBC 9133
- BBAL 9136 with VHBD 9134
BBAK 9137 Biconical Elements
- BBAK 9137 with VHA 9103 B
- BBAK 9137 with HFBA 9122
- BBAK 9137 with HFBA 9124
BBVK 9138 Biconical Elements
- BBVK 9138 with VHA 9103 B
- BBVK 9138 with HFBA 9122
- BBVK 9138 with VHBB 9124
BBVU 9135 Biconical Elements
- BBVU 9135 with UBAA 9114
- BBVU 9135 with UBAA 9115
BBUK 9139 Biconical Elements
- BBUK 9139 with UBAA 9114
- BBUK 9139 with UBAA 9115
-- 420 NJ Elements
Small Biconical Microwave Antenna
- SBA 9113 B
- SBA 9113
-- 420 NJ Elements
- SBA 9112
- SBA 9119
Biconical UHF Broadband Antennas
- UBA 9116
- VUBA 9117
Vertical Polarized Biconical Antennas
- RS 16
- RE 1790
- RE 4590
- RS 0460

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