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420 NJ Elements & 422 nj eLEMENTS

Automotive Antennas
• 420 NJ Elements (Ford standard RI115 - Ford EMC CS 2009)
• Cable Guide for 420 NJ Elements
422 NJ Elements for SBA 9119
420 NJ Elements for SBA 9113 Balun
Schwarzbeck 420 NJ Elements for SBA 9113 Balun
 · Elements for radiated immunity caused by hand portable transmitters
 · with SBA 9113 or SBA 9113 mini version for the Ford standard RI115 (Ford EMC CS 2009)
 · Opt: Spacer 50
 · Spacer made of Polystyrene to set the 420 NJ elements test distance to 50 mm.

Schwarzbeck 420NJ Elements for SBA 9113 Balun Data Sheet 420NJ Elements for SBA 9113 Balun Data Sheet

Schwarzbeck Cable Guide
The cable guide is intended to be used together with the Schwarzbeck´s POSITIONER and lightweight antennas (like the SBA 9113 with 420 NJ elements, which are used for radiated immunity testing).
This device is useful to guide the cable parallel to the POSITIONER. It is composed by two spacer-rods which keep the plastic tube parallel to the POSITIONER at a distance of about 50 cm.
The spacers are fixed to the POSITIONER and to the plastic tube with two pairs of standard AA 9202 adapters.
The diameter of the plastic tube is 22 mm which is suitable to guide a cable with standard N connectors.
Because of the relative large torque which is applied by the cable guide on the POSITIONER it is suggested to mount the cable guide as shown in the product´s photo. The positioner and antenna mast system AM 9144 are not included in the scope of delivery for the cable guide


Material: PVC (cable guide tube) Aluminum (AA 9202) Stainless steel, PVC (spacer rods)
Weight: 1 kg
Distance between POSITIONER and cable´s guide: ~ 50 cm
Cable´s guide diameter: 22 mm
pdficon small Schwarzbeck Cable Guide Data sheet
422 NJ for SBA 9119 Balun
Schwarzbeck 422 NJ Elements for SBA 9119
The combination of  the flat elements 422 NJ with SBA 9119-Balun provides remarkable field strength levels with moderate transmit power. With approx. 10 Watt transmit power one can reach field strength levels of 300 V/m at a distance of 30 mm. 
Required Balun:
SBA 9119
Frequency Range:
800 MHz ... 6 GHz
Nominal Impedance:
50 Ω
Continuous Power:
20 W
< 8 (0.9 GHz < f < 2.4 GHz)
< 4 (2.4 GHz < f < 6 GHz)
Flat Element Dimensions:
108 x 49 x 2 mm
50 g
Recommended Spacing:
30 mm
Recommended mesh width:
30 - 50 mm
Spacer 30 mm
Other Spacer on request
pdficon small 422 NJ Data Sheet
pdficon small 422 NJ Field Uniformity
422 NJ Assembly Instructions
SBA 9119 Data Sheet

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