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SchlÖder SESD 230 ESD Simulator

Schlöder SESD 230 ESD Simulator 30kV


ESD simulator 30 kV
SESD 230
♦ Battery or mains operation
♦ 30 kV AIR and CON discharge
♦ IEC 61000-4-2 (150 pF / 330 Ohm)
♦ Predefined tests – Standard and others
The test generator SESD 230 simulates electrostatic discharge as defined in the standard IEC / EN 61000-4-2. Depend on the Equipment Under Test (EUT) and the test set-up for laboratory tests the IEC standard shows two test methods:
1. Air discharge At this method the test generator SESD 216 must be moved to the EUT. The discharge of the high voltage is in the air. The test voltage can be varied from 500V to 30.000V. The very short rise time of each single pulse generates a wide RF spectrum and interference.
2. Contact discharge The discharge electrode with a sharp point is connected to the EUT. The discharge switch is a vacuum relay. This test method reduces the interference of parameters like approach speed, amplitude, humidity and temperature. Important: If the test tip is not contacted (e.g. varnished or oxidised surfaces) there will be no triggering of impulses. The display shows "NO CONTACT". So we secure a safe discharge at the contact discharge mode.
The contact discharge is the favourite test method since it is most reproducible. Air discharges are used when contact discharges are not possible - e.g. at plastic housings.
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