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Ultra Low Humidity Storage Cabinets

Sanwood presents the SDH01400-02 family of Ultra Low Humidity Storage Cabinets

Sanwood presents the SDH01400-02 family of Ultra Low Humidity Storage Cabinets

Main Parameters: Model: SDH-1400-02
Inner Volume: 1200L
Humidity Range: Room Humidity ~1%RH
Humidity Recovery Time: 5~10minutes
Duhumidification Continuity: Continuous and no degradation in performance
Product features:
1. Adopting Shangding compressed air dehumidification system -- the lowest humidity can reach less
than 1%RH
2. Fast dehumidification capacity, can quickly reduce humidity to below 5%RH, switch door recovery
only 5~10 minutes.
3. Adopting active gas displacement mode, with good controllability, high control precision, small
fluctuation and good uniformity. (performance indexes meet the requirement of humidity calibration
for environment control equipment)
4. The function of dehumidification is continuous and the performance is continuous without any
5. Multi-function digital controller, LED display, easy to set; adopt the United States imported
temperature and humidity sensor, the error is less than ±2%RH, high
precision and high stability
6. Complete and reliable anti-static protection system without micro pollution
7. Products meet ESD-IEC61340-5-1 standards
8. Extremely low failure rate, no daily maintenance, no consumptive material, energy saving and
environmental protection
9. Compatible with nitrogen to facilitate customer switching
Main applications:
1. Suitable for storage of integrated circuits such as IC, BGA, OFP and so on
2. Prevent and avoid PCB delamination fault
3. Prevent LED stents, chips, semi-finished products from dampness and oxidation
4. Moisture proof and oxidation resistant storage of semi-finished products and finished products
in precision component production line
5. Especially suitable for frequent opening and closing of doors when taking
Aaronia_AG_EMC_Analyzer_Bundle-1_Data_Sheet Sanwood SDH-1400-02 family of Ultra Low Humidity Storage Cabinets Data Sheet

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