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Sanwood UV Aging Test Chambers

UV Aging Test Chambers
Sanwood UV aging chambers are used to simulate sunlight, moisture and temperature to measure the damaging effects to materials (fading, cracking, peeling, chalking, oxidation, etc.).
UV aging chambers are used to shorten the time required to test materials for UV effects.
During testing, the temperature, humidity and UV intensity can be controlled and adjusted to simulate any natural condition so that manufacturers can test materials such as paints and coatings, plastics, wood products, glues, etc.
UV Standards
• ASTM G154
• GB/T16422.3-1997
The Sanwood UV aging chambers are the most widely used UV Weathering tester in the world. It has become the industry standard of UV testing for ISO, ASTM, SUL, etc. standards.
Front Panel Controls:
LCD Display Color Touch Screen With PC Interface Control System (Programmable, Radiation Strength Control, Temperature Control, Sensor is a PA-100 type, Humidity can be Displayed), Over-temperature; water shortage; over-current; refrigerant high-pressure; over-current circuit breaker; earth leakage protection.
SANWOOD UV Chambers Features
Internal Dimensions
Imitate simulation of sunshine, dew on the harm caused by the material and product performance test, is widely used in weather resistance of materials.
Apply the Standard
GB/T 16422.3, GB/T5170.9, ASTM D4587; ASTM D5208; IEC 61345
Performance 01
Temperature Range
Room Temperature +70℃
Performance 02
Temperature Fluctuation
Performance 03
Temperature Uniformity
Performance 04
Humidity Range
External Dimensions
Lamps Type
UV-A, 40W / UV-B, 40W
UV light wavelength
Standard test shelf
75x300mm(3×12”)/23 or 100x300mm(4×12”)/15
Lamps amount
8 sets
Centre distance
Centre distance between the lamp: 70mm
Wavelength ultraviolet light
UV-A: 315-400mm;  UV-B: 280-400mm (8pcs, 1600h lifetime)
Effective irradiation areas
Testing time
0~999H, adjustable
Main unit weight
130 Kg
Test cycle setting
Illumination, condensation and water spray test cycle is programmable.
Water Supply System
Supply water automatically
Safety Protection
Leakage, short circuit, super temperature, water shortage and over current protection !
Stimulate Sunshine:
The sun’s ultraviolet rays effect materials durability and the Sanwood UV chambers use ultraviolet lamps to simulate the damaging short-wave ultraviolet part of light. Little visible or infrared spectrum energy is necessary.
But the end user can choose the UV light wavelengths depending on different test requirements, since every UV radiation and wavelength of the light is not same. Usually, UV lamps can be divided into UVA and UVB. SANWOOD UV chamber can meet this standard !
Irradiation Intensity:
Available irradiation intensity options can get exact test results; user can set different light intensities depending on the test requirements. This allows the end user to control the irradiation intensity, and also prolong the life of fluorescent lamp.
Protective lock:
For compliance with the IEC 047-5-1 safety requirement, once the chamber door is open, the machine will be cut off the power to lamp automatically and keep in the constant state and cool.
Over temperature protection:
When the temperature is over 93℃±10%,the machine will cut off the electricity supply to the lamp and heater and keep it in the constant state.(Above is same as the leakage, short circuit , over-temperature , over-current protection / controller memory revise function).



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