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Sanwood develops new products and system solutions according to customer requirements, thus providing reliable, quality and low cost products for our customers.

In order to properly configure an Environmental Chamber to meet your specific needs, Reliant EMC will need the following information:
1. Test sample size
2. Test sample weight
3. Vibration frequency range
4. Temperature control range
5. Temperature change rate/speed
6. The test standard that would like to follow

Reliant EMC is proud to offer the following Environmental Test Chambers from Sanwood Technology.
Sanwood Environmental Test Chambers:
Altitude, Humidity and High and Low Temperature Chambers
Complex Salt Spray Test Chambers
Dust Test Chambers
ESS Environmental Stress Screening Chamber
Humidity and Temperature Chambers
Ozone Aging Test Chambers
Photovoltaic Ultraviolet Aging Test Chambers
Rain Test Chambers
Salt Spray Test Chambers
Sand and Dust Test Chambers
Three Zone Thermal Shock Chambers
Two Zone Thermal Shock Test Chambers
Ultra Low Humidity Storage Cabinets
UV Aging Test Chambers
Xenon Lamp Test Chambers
Xenon Arc Lamp Accelerated Aging Test Chambers

The Sanwood programmable Constant temperature humidity chambers allow you to test for heat-resistance, cold-resistance, dry-resistance and moisture-resistance of materials. These Sanwood Environmental Test Chambers are mainly used in testing the adaptability of electronics, electrical appliances, food, automobiles, rubber and plastic, metal and other products, parts and materials in the high and low temperature and humid environment when storage, transport and using.
• Easy Operation: With a new and modern design and a touch color LCD screen for operation, User are free to set and save specific test programs.
• Power Saver Feature: The new versions of the Sanwood Environmental Test Chambers are 70% more energy efficient than previous models.
• Customization available: Sanwood is happy to provide custom products based on customer’s requests and specifications.
• Telecontrol Support: Each Sanwood Environmental Test Chamber comes standard with a LAN and USB PORT that can be used to reset and monitor all testing remotely.
Guangdong Sanwood Technology Co.,Ltd Company profile
1. Established:1995
2. Registration capital: 10.2 million(RMB)
3. Staff: 91 person
4. Industrial plant: 8000 square meters
5. Actively involved in 3 national standard ,12 patents
6. Capacity: 60 sets/month
7. Exporting countries: USA, Russia, Denmark, Greece, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany ,etc.
Company Achievements
• Quality Enterprises in Guangdong Province
• Chinese Credit Enterprise
• Guangdong Province Electric vehicle standard committee members
• Dongguan Software Industry Association governing units
• Dongguan City Reserve listed enterprises
• Ten year Brand which produces reliable equipment
• Dongguan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau certification
Weather Resistant Series
• Xenon lamp aging test chamber
• Combined test chamber
• Rain spray test chamber
• Sand and dust test chamber
Battery Test Series
• Battery explosion test chamber
• Battery explosion impact test chamber
• Battery explosion-proof oven
• Battery explosion-proof vacuum box
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