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Sanwood Sand and Dust Test Chambers

Sanwood Sand and Dust Test Chambers
Sanwood Sand and dust chambers are used to test a variety of products and components for sand and dust resistance.


Controller Features:
The sand and dust test chamber has a wide range of temperature and humidity regulation and control, which meet the standards specified in GB4208GB / T2423.37-198 “Electrical and electronic products environmental testing procedures.”
Internal Size (MM)
Temp Range
RT +10~70C (need comment during order time)
Vibration Time
0 hour-999 hour (can be adjustable)
Test Time
0 hour-999 hour (can be adjustable)
Time Accuracy
Relative Humidity
45%~75%(can’t display)
Standard Metal Wire Mesh
50 UM
Standard Spacing Between Lines
75 UM
Talcum Amount
2-4 kg/m
Standard Metal Mesh Diameter
75—100 um
Features 01
Inner container is made of  SUS304  stainless steel. The exterior is made of Galvanized sheet metal with electrostatic spraying.
The Chamber door is split between an observation window and an electrical control area.
The simulated sand and dust is talcum powder stored in a hopper into the lower chamber.
Features 02
Using a circulating fan, the talcum power is blown through a 75 micron square hole mesh, which creates a high-density fog to test the sample.
Features 03
Adjustable time setting for continuous or periodic dust blowing. Taiwan TAIAN time controller (SG2-10HR-A) controls the blowing of the dust, lighting and vibration cycle.
• Easy Operation: With a new and modern design and Touch style color LCD screen for operation, the end User is free to set and save their testing program.
• Customization Available: According to customer’s request, Sanwood can build unique products to meet every need.
• Sand And Dust Test Chambers/Product Performance Standards: GB2423.37-2006/IEC 60068-2-68-1994, GB4208-2008/IEC60529:2001(Protection Provided by Enclosures), GJB150.12-2009 (Sand and dust test methods), GB7000-1-2007 (Case Protection Test), GB10485(Dust Test Methods)
• Telecontrol Support: Each environmental chamber comes standard with a LAN and USB port that can be used to reset and monitor all tests remotely.


Test Solid
dry jar talc 2Kg/m
Cabinet Size
Solid Diameter
1~10um (Granule OD≤5um takes 50% or more)
220v/50Hz (equipped power interface)
Stainless steel with electrostatic spraying galvanized sheet shell
Transparent glass door
Fan Motor
Low noise fan motor; Equipped with time controller
Dust falling Device
60W eccentric motor
Sample Holder
Stainless grille
Two Control Modes
Constant value / program
Sensor Type
Output Modes
PID control output / 4-20mA analog output (1-5V) / (0-10V) can be arbitrarily chosen;
Control Output Signal
a.8 way switch auxiliary control signal (IS, T, AL control signal);
b. Standard 10 switch signal relay output (optional 20 relay).
Temperature Measurement error ± 0.2 ℃
Special Features
Blowing dust, vibration, vacuum;
Communication Interface
(Optional RS232 / RS485, most long-distance communication 1.2km [fiber up to 30km]);
Interface Language Type
Chinese / English / Russian
Program Editor
You can edit the 120 set of programs, each program can edit the 100 largest segment;
Products show a clear intuitive, flexible program design control system easy to operate, stable performance and more efficient work.
1300 × 1100 × 1700 (mm) (L × W × H)
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