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Sanwood Ozone Aging Test Chambers

This SANWOOD Ozone Aging Test Chamber is a major factor in rubber cracking although it is rare in the atmosphere, ozone aging tank simulates and enhance the condition of ozone in the atmosphere to study the effects of ozone on rubber, and then identify and evaluate the method to resist ozone and aging for rubber, adopt effective anti-aging measures to enhance the life of rubber products . Main Function: Ozone Aging Test Chamber can be used to test rubber products with static tensile deformation, such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulating bush; expose the test specimens to the sealed air in the test chamber without light and with constant ozone concentration and constant temperature according to predetermined time, and then observe the cracks on test specimens’ surface and the degree of change of other properties to evaluate the rubber’s ozone aging resistance properties.
Technical Specification
Ozone Aging Test Chamber. SM-150L-CY
Volume and Dimension
Internal Testing Room
W*H*D: 500×600×500 mm is the testing room
Outer Fully Dimension
W*H*D: 1350×1550×950mm
Application Standard & Technical Specification: Suitable for test rubber products ozone resistant, meet the relevant standard: JIS K 6259, ASTM1149, ISO1431, GB/T7762, GB/T13642 165-19. Mainly be used for oxidation test toolbox. Ozone Aging Test Chambers.
T-01, Equipment Performance for Ozone Aging Test Chamber of Model: SM-150L-CY
Ozone Concentration:
0~2000 pphm (Optional: 0-300ppm non-standard)
Concentration Deviation:
Test Bin Temperature:
Indoor temperature measurement Range~+80℃
Temperature Uniformity:
Relative Humidity:
Measurement range above 60%
Specimen Holder rotating:
Dynamic Condition Pull-up:
New Type Specimen Holder:
Each fixture can install test article, stretch can meet I-shaped dumbbell panel and actual artifacts
Test Gas Flow:
T-02, Test methods divide into dynamic condition and static condition : SM-150L-CY !
Motor driver specimen holder installation: meet static method extension test, specimen orbit can meet principle of cycloid trajectory.
Auto ozone concentration digital controller.
Double beam “QUA” non-deviation UV ozone tester.
Auto digital online measurement.
Keep the metrological verification adjustion interface.
Auto-tuning ozone concentration/ humiture data setting controller PID for easy operation.


T-03, Equipment Main Texture for Ozone Aging Test Chamber The Model: SM-150L-CY
High grade wear-resisting paint coating shell & SUS304 liner.
AI digital smart procedure control accommodometer.
Gas flowmeter control the all levels of gas flow accurately, match “QUA” non-deviation UV ozone tester
Bill-Lambert law measurement application software (internationally recognized).
Be loaded with gas purifier, thermostatic bath, active carbon assimilation and silicone tower drier.
The ozone air parallel to the sample.
Optional far-end monitoring software (print the test data by PC).
Prepared the classic chemical test with ozone concentration interface.
Set the voltage-stabilized source in test chamber.
T-04, Performance Index for Ozone Aging Test Chamber With the Model: SM-150L-CY
Temperature Range
Moderation Range
Ozone Concentration
Temperature Fluctuation
Ozone control Precision
Frame Rotate Speed
360°rotation (1 circle/minute)
T-05, Control System for Ozone Aging Test Chamber Which The Model: SM-150L-CY !
Color LCD touch screen
Unit of Time
H.M.S.the Max is 9999H
Ozone Concentration Analysis
Import concentration analysis apparatus, 4~20mA output
High pressure voiceless discharge tube
Acquisition System
Siemens PLC modules
Humidity System
Outer isolation type, stainless steel boiler surface evaporative humidifier
Dehumidification System
Adopt evaporator coil to dehumidify
Water Supply System
Automatic control water supply, and recycle residual water for reduce consumption
Heating System
Independent system, nichrome electrical Heater
Ozone Concentration
England ozone concentration sensor with standard signal output and sampling
Voiceless discharge tube type ozonator
T-06, Configuration & Structural Features : for Ozone Aging Test Chamber The Model:
1, Air loop device: built-in loop air duct, Test air flow evenly from the top down parallel to the surface of the specimen.
2, Adopt integration ozone concentration, temperature and humidity controller (setting method by tickle touch-tone), high integration level, good unfailing performance, LED display the temperature (0.1℃), humidity (0.1%RH), ozone concentration (1pphm), PID set value control and easy operation.
3, Electromagnetic type air pump offer the air source without oil, ensure the air circuit system running reliably in long time.
4, Double-speed UV light ozonator was developed by Shanghai university & our technology cooperation, which according international recognized standards, stable performance, automatic zero control, non-ozone cold light ultraviolet lamp, long life, high precision.


T-07, Safety Precautions: for Ozone Aging Test Chamber with the Model: SM-150L-CY
Solid electric translation (SSR) :2 set (each temperature, humidity 1 set);
Overheat protection switch: 1 set
Hydropenia protection switch: 2set;
Attach overheat & overload protector with refrigeration system compressor;
Compressor OCP switch;
Japan anti-phrase protection switch: 1 pcs (not offer the part if the power is single phrase);
Power rapid fuse: 2pcs;
No-fuse switch;
Circuit fuse and whole jacket insert;
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