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Hilo Control allows an engineer to control a generator with instruction sets sent through HILO-Control via a LAN Connection to the PC and an optical connection to the generator.


Hilo-Test Remote Control
Hilo Remote Control is the ultimate remote control software for all CE-Generators of HILO-TEST.


EMC Software from Frankonia


Control Software - CR-LAB

According to IEC/EN 61000-4-3/-6/-20, ISO 11452-4, automotive and military standards


Short description

The software CR-LAB consisting of RF/CD/BCI-LAB controls test systems for radiated, conducted or BCI immunity measurements. The system configuration is done in a graphical setup. Tests can be performed manually with optical monitoring of the EUT or fully-automatic by up to 4 measuring instruments. Calibration data and test results are presented in professional reports, which contain all necessary data. For radiated immunity measurements calibration data can be calculated from the field uniformity measurements or measured calibration runs. For BCI immunity measurements calibration can be performed using online controlmethod or calibrated clamp method. Each version of our software is a separate version and includes special features according to application.

FRANKONIA Group CD-Lab-Software

Special Features

• Online-help function
· Graphical device specification
· Input of calibration data for all devices
· Test function for system check
· Generation of calibration file for testing by calculation from homogeneous field data or measurement
· Saturation test of test system as requested by standard
· Testing by manual optical monitoring
· Allows detailed examination by manual increase /decrease of the applied test level during test (RF-LAB/CD-LAB)
· Testing by automatic monitoring / evaluation of EUR with up to 4 measuring instruments
· Measurement and evaluation of field uniformity
· Presentation of results in online graphics
· Professional reporting system
· Export function for files for further processing in
Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel,…
· German/English language switchable
· Customized modifications possible
FRANKONIA Group Device selection in RF-LAB
Device selection in RF-LAB


FRANKONIA Group Device selection in CD-LAB
Device selection in CD-LAB


FRANKONIA Group Device selection in BCI-LAB
FRANKONIA Group Device selection in BCI-LAB


Technical Data

• Microsoft® Windows-platform
• Requires standard PC
• Control of test system by IEEE-488 (GPIB)-BUS, RS232-bus and USB
• Recommended GPIB-interface card: National Instruments

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