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AFV/APF series Programmable AC Power Source

AFV/APF series Programmable AC Power Source
The AFV/APF is a series of programmable AC power source that can be remote controlled and integrated with other systems for easier operation.
Applications include home appliance, electronic, medical equipment, lighting, and etc.
With better accuracy and faster response time, the AFV/APF series offers greater advantage for R&D and compliance tests.
Utilizing PWM switching technology, the AFV/APF series provides high quality pure sine waveform with output level up to 2,000kVA. The AC source is coupled with output voltage range of 0~300V and output frequency of standard 45~65Hz or optional 45~500Hz. Users can select communication interfaces of RS-485, RS-232, and optional GPIB.
The AFV/APF series also have programming sequence functions of STEP and GRADUAL modes, three phase independent control, and soft start for optional choices.
Product Features
  • • Single phase output power from 0.5-20kVA and three phase output power from 10-2000kVA.
  • • CE mark with high electromagnetic compatibility performance.
  • • Programming Sequence Function: STEP and GRADUAL modes allow users to easily set sequences of start/ end voltage, frequency and run time for testing purposes.
  • • Optional soft start function to reduce inrush current from motor type UUT.
  • • Touch screen display for easy operation.
  • • Optional three phase independent control to set voltage of each phase.
  • • Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature with over 20 corresponding error codes and event log for easier trouble shooting.
  • • Standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces and optional GPIB interface available.
  • • Patented power module design with compact size for easier maintenance and high power density.
Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet Preen AFV series Programmable AC & DC Power Supply Data Sheet
Aaronia_AG_BicoLOG_5070_Biconical_Antenna_Data_Sheet Preen APF series Programmable AC & DC Power Supply Data Sheet
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