Reliant EMC


Electromagnetic interference (EMI) on power lines and ground creates serious problems for operation of equipment and can even damage sensitive components.
The main focus of OnFILTER is the design and manufacturing of filters for reducing noise on power lines and ground for real-life installations. Sensitive equipment share power lines and ground with many types of machinery and tools, not all of them are noise-free. Simple turning on and off one tool can cause severe high-frequency spikes throughout the facility. Such common items as light dimmers, solenoids, stepper and variable frequency motors, controlled heater elements and others greatly contribute to noise on power lines and ground.
OnFILTER has designed a line of filters specially suited to reduce noise in real-life environment. Filters already present in electronic equipment are designed to bring the noise from this equipment in compliance with EMC regulations in laboratory environment. Real-life installations offer very different environment where even the most EMC-compliant equipment can be a source of high-level noise or fall a victim to its noisy neighbors.
Please visit our Library to learn more about electrical noise issues in the production environment.


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