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Microrad provide Probes and Meters to measure Electromagnetic Fields (with 14 Unique and Valuable features).
For manufacturers selling to the European Union (EU), this is a requirement of health and safety Directive 2013/35/EU regarding the exposure of workers to electromagnetic fields

Meters - NHT Series

The NHT series is available in three models.
NHT 310 broadband meter from 0 Hz to 40 GHz. Integrated GPS
NHT 3D complex signal analyzer with selectivity from 1 Hz to 400 kHz and broadband operation mode from 100 kHz to 40 GHz, remote analysis of the time/frequency domain via optical fiber. Integrated GPS.
NHT 3DL complex signal analyzer with selectivity from 1 Hz to 1 MHz and broadband mode from 100 kHz to 40 GHz. Time/frequency domain instrument analysis, WI-FI migration of the user interface on Android and OS smart phones. External GPS.
All meters work with interchangeable probes. They are made of aluminum/magnesium alloy and have an operating autonomy of more than 24 hours. Learn more

Microrad Meters



Wide selection of electromagnetic field probes from DC to 40 GHz.
Series 33 triple sensor probes with coverage from 0 Hz up to 1 MHz.
Series ER probes for radar pulse signal. Series 0 fast probes for 5G signal.
Series 10 probes for static, almost static measurements with band up to 1 kHz.

Microrad Probes

Microrad Microlink Waves and EMC Viewer Software


Microrad provides a specific SW application for each meter in the NHT series.
MicroLink for the NHT 310 meter
Waves for the NHT 3D meter
EMC Viewer for the EMC 10KHz÷18GHz sensor
Easy, modern and intuitive, these softwares also allow detailed analysis of the electromagnetic field performance.

Microrad Software

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