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TBM-100 Trifield Broadband meter

A hand held meter that can measure Magnetic, Electric and RF fields


TBM-100 TRIFIELD Broadband meter

TBM-100 multi-purpose meter which will measure magnetic field, electric field and RF fields. This meter is ideal for general purpose monitoring of RF and electrical 'pollution' including the effects of power lines, microwave devices, mobile phones, broadcast and telemetry signals and radio networks.


Key Points

  • · Small and compact meter with clear analog indication.
  • · Triple function:
    1. Gauss meter, magnetic field, 50Hz - 500Hz.
    2. Electric field meter, 40Hz - 100KHz.
    3. RF field strength, 100KHz - 2.5GHz.
  • · Applications:
  • 1. Check for radio frequency 'pollution'.
    2. Measure leakage from electrical products.
    3. Check for power line magnetic fields.
  • · Very simple to use.
  • · 3 measurements in one to cover all types of electrical and RF 'pollution'.

Product Specification

Gauss meter  0-3 range: 
0 - 100 range:
0.2 - 3 milligauss 
3 - 100 milligauss
Frequency range: 50 - 500Hz flat 
 Accuracy: to 500Hz 
 Electric field  Range:  10V/m - 100KV/m
 Frequency range: 40Hz - 100KHz 
 Accuracy:  25% at 50Hz
 RF Field strength  Range:  10 - 1000 V/m
Frequency range:   100KHz - 2.5GHz flat
 Indication Analogue meter   Rotary range change switch
 Power 9v (PP3) battery  Internal  
 Size 15 x 9 x 3cm   


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