Reliant EMC

High Current CDN - S46M5/9

A Versatile high power CDN for IEC61000-4-6 and EN55022 testing.


· Up to 100A /line for single phase products.
· Up to 50A/line for 3 phase requirements.
· High specification .. No compromises.
· Fully complies with EN61000-4-6.
· 4 high power lines plus 5 auxiliary lines.
· Reduce equipment costs and maximize flexibility due to the ‘Versatile’ feature. This CDN can be configured to suit a wide range different cable and EUT requirements.


Laplace Instruments High Current CDN S46M/9 Coupler Decouplet

· Flexible - One model covers many applications, thus reducing the need to hold several CDNs in stock. This S46M5/9 can be configured for M2, M3, M4, M5 requirements, plus up to 4 auxiliary lines.

· Compliance - The type 46 CDNs are completely compliant with the specifications as detailed in IEC61000-4-6.

· Integration - These CDNs are offered as an integral part of a complete immunity testing system. They can be used with any standard IEC46000-4-6 system, or with the RFIC-
4-6 system from Laplace.

· Adaptable - This CDN can be used in M9 configuration in which up to 5 6amp lines can be used for feedback sensing lines, motor drive control or for energizing the voltage
measuring circuits of electricity meters (consumer


The Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) facilitates the
testing of EMC immunity by coupling RF directly to or from
cables connected to the equipment under test.
This technique is the preferred method for immunity testing
according to IEC61000-4-6. CDNs can also be used for
per-compliant emissions measurements according to
This Laplace S46M5/9 CDN is unique in offering the ‘Versatile’ feature.
· Versatility. The 46 series are programmable such that
many different cable types can be accommodated with
one CDN.
· High Power. The S46M5/9 has 4 lines rated at 50A
each which can be configured as 3 phase+N, or paralleled
together to offer higher ratings .
Each model is shipped complete with instructions and
power supply (for the fan). Calibration adapters and modular
ground plane sets also available.


High power CDN for immunity testing to IEC61000-4-6


The S46M5/9 CDN is a unique solution to the problem of applying IEC61000-4-6 immunity testing to high power cables and/or multipurpose cables carrying both power and control lines. It complies with the strictest interpretation of the standard. The generator source impedance forms a part of the EUT interface impedance thus requiring the use of the traditional input power attenuator and pre-test calibration
The type 46MZZ impedance adapters facilitate this calibration process.
The versatility of this CDN is achieved by the use of specially designed internal components and links at the input and output connectors. Novel anti-resonance elements reduce the leakage inductance of the common-mode choke and so allow use of only some of the network conductors without loss of accuracy. They also minimize the spurious differential-mode excitation of the equipment under test that has hitherto been a particular problem for the M3 application of the standard. (See paper 4F1, Zurich EMC Symposium, 2003).


SPECIFICATION Injection/receiver circuit:
EUT RF common mode impedance
0.15MHz—26MHz: 150 ± 20Ω
26MHz—80MHz: 150 +60 -45Ω
Note that the CDN provides 100Ω and the RF source provides the balance (50Ω) RF input/output BNC socket.
3W max cont. input power. User Circuit: This network can be configured as any of the networks for power cables as described in EN61000-4-6 and for a larger number of cores. As required in the standard the basic injection impedance of 150Ω in series with >30nF is applied by proportionately higher impedance injection components connected to each core. Physically the CDN carries 4 major circuits of 4.65mm2 cross section, together with 5 minor circuits of 0.6mm2 cross-section. The latter may be used in parallel as a ground wire for application as M1 to M5 inclusive, and used separately for M6 to M9. Connectors: EUT and AE cables are connected to screw terminal blocks that can accommodate 0.5 to 10mm2 flexible stranded or solid conductors Max voltage: 440Vac. Max current per core: At 30°C ambient. Halve these figures if fan not used.
M5, M4: 50amps on 3 phase and neutral or 4 wires carrying DC.
M3: 100Amps on 2 wires and 30 amps on third.
M2: 100Amps on 2 wires. Parallel major circuits in pairs.
M6-M9: The above ratings apply to circuits 1 to 4. Max unbalanced current: 100mA Pk or DC per cable. (including M1 operation) AE filter capacitance: 22nF on each major circuit. 4n7 on each minor circuit.
All capacitors are safety rated. Longitudinal Conv. Loss: Typically >40dB Cooling fan: 12v DC 1.3W Physical: 280 x 180 x 105mm excl. connectors
Weight: 1.6kg Accessories included: AC/DC adapter for fan and User manual. Recommended Accessories: Calibration adapter (pair). Model 46MZZ.


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