Reliant EMC

Radiated Antenna for EMC Testing

Antennas for EMC testing


The Laplace antennas cover 3 main groups:
  • 1. Conventional log periodic types for OATS applications.
  • 2. Miniature antennas for chamber and small enclosure applications.
  • 3. Large loop antenna for EN55015 compliance testing.

Key Points

  • · Pre-calibrated and issued with Antenna Factors.
  • · Specifically designed for EMC measurements.
  • · Sensitivity and performance to match other industry-standard types.
  • · Wide range to suit both OATS and chamber applications.


Antennas for EMC testing is an optional extra for the following products:

- 3GHz EMC emissions Analyzer
- 1GHz EMC emissions Analyzer
- Emissions Reference Source EMC10.3G


Antennas for EMC testing appears in the following kits:

- RFG kit (optional for this kit)


Associated Downloads


Laplace Active Broadband Dipole Antenna CT9011