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RFG/RFL RF Immunity Testing kits from
Laplace Instruments

RFG/RFL Emissions kits

The RFG/RFL Emissions Kits from Laplace Instruments provide a range of products for self compliance RF immunity testing to IEC61000-4-3. These RFG/RFL kits consists of components that can be used separately, but when ordered as a complete Emissions kit, they provide a complete integrated turn-key system.


RF Signal Generators - Synthesizers

The individual components includes RF signal generators (Synthesizers) specifically designed to meet immunity standard IEC61000-4-3. As a result, they include auto-frequency stepping, the required modulation and, in particular, the automatic control of field intensity to the pre-set level. Each synthesizer is fitted with a USB interface and shipped complete with Windows-based PC software. All control and monitoring functions are provided via the software.


Power Amplifiers

The Laplace Instruments Power amplifiers cover the full range from 30MHz to 3GHz and are capable of delivering over 10V/m in the Laplace test cells. These power amplifiers are designed for reliability with good tolerance of overload and impedance mis-match.



The Laplace Instruments Test cells are an enhanced development of the TEM cell, featuring excellent field uniformity, compact size and built-in field sensor. All Laplacells are shipped ready calibrated to 3GHz for both emissions measurements and immunity tests.


LETIS (Laplace EMC Test Integration System)

Finally, the LETIS (Laplace EMC Test Integration System) is a switching unit which automates the interconnections with the power amplifiers, thus significantly increasing productivity when testing to above 1GHz.



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