Reliant EMC

RFC- conducted emissions kit

This series of test systems incorporate an EMC analyzer plus the interface to the cable under test. This interface will be either a LISN or Voltage Probe (for mains and power cables) or a telecom cable interface. These kits are shipped complete to match the specific tests that are required, and can be used 'straight from the box'. When they are used with the pre-selector option, compliance-quality results are obtained.



  • · Integrated system, complete with powerful Windows software and USB interface
  • · Self test and self certify with confidence
  • · Fully featured EMC analyzer
  • · Band A option for those tests requiring 9KHz start frequency (eg EN55015)
  • · Optional pre-selector
  • · Extensive range of single and 3 phase LISNs
  • · Def Stan, Mil Spec and Automotive LISNs also available.


RFC- conducted emissions kit provides the following products:

1GHz EMC emissions Analyser 1GHz EMC emissions Analyzer
The SA1002 is a fully featured EMC emissions analyzer for all EMC compliance measurements up to 1GHz


LISN & Voltage Probes LISN & Voltage Probes

These ancillaries enable compliant conducted emission tests. A wide range of LISNs plus voltage probe are available.


Ancillaries.. conducted Ancillaries.. conducted
Filters and pre-amplifiers can be vital tools in the armory when measuring conducted emissions.


CRS+ CRS+ (optional for this kit)

The CRS+ is used to check the calibration and operation of conducted EMC emissions test equipment.


Pre-Selectors for EMC test Pre-Selectors for EMC test (optional for this kit)
Pre-Selectors are an essential requirement if measuring conducted emissions that have high broadband noise content. They effectively convert an EMC Analyzer into a receiver, as specified by CISPR16.


See Technical Paper for a fully explanation of pre-selectors and why they are important.


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