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RF300 Large Loop Van Veen Antenna

  • Kay Features:

  • · This antenna is specified in EN55015 for the measurement of luminaries
  • · CISPR15 and CISPR16 compliant
  • · Includes all 3 axes with PVC frame and all connecting cables
  • · Optional calibration loop as specified in CISPR15/16
  • · Shipped in compact form, ready for assembly on-site
  • · Includes full instructions and all parts required for assembly
  • · Each antenna is individually calibrated and issued with manufacturer's calibration certificate.

RF300C Calibration Loop

A calibration large loop (RF300C) is available as an option if on-site calibration is deemed necessary. The RF300C allows the calibration loop to be used on all three axes and rotated within each as required by the standards.


The RF300C large loop calibration loop is manufactured to comply with CISPR16. Full details of the use of this loop are provided in this standard. This item (RF300C) is available as a separate option to go with the RF300 Large Loop Antenna. The RF300 is supplied fully calibrated but the calibration loop is available to those who wish to check the calibration at regular intervals, and to ensure that the calibration is not affected by the environment.


RF300 (Van Veen Loop) Magnetic field emissions (EN 55015) using large loop antenna (Van Veen Loop)
Laplace Instruments Magnetic field emissions (EN 55015) using RF300 large loop antenna (Van Veen Loop
Equipment required:
A SA1002-A EMC Analyser
B RF915 Pre-selector
C RF300 Large Loop Antenna
D Software for your PC
RF300 comprises 3 orthogonal loops (2m diameter) with patch panel for switching between loops and non-metallic stand included.


RF300 Large Loop Antenna is an optional extra for the following products:
· 1GHz EMC emissions Analyzer
· Pre-Selectors for EMC test
· Ancillaries - Radiated


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