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PLIP - Power Line Interference Probe

These ancillaries enable compliant conducted emission tests.
Laplace Instruments offers a full range Voltage probes.
They are comprised of:
- Voltage probe to CISPR16
Key Points
· Voltage probe (PLIP) with inbuilt safety features for lines >100A
· The Voltage Probe requirement is covered by our PLIP (Power Line Interference Probe). This fully meets the requirements of CISPR16, but has additional features:
- Fully galvanic isolation between input and output (>1kV), for the safety of operator and analyzer!
- Shrouded safety clips for attachment to the line to be measured.
- Filtered frequency response matched to Band A and B.
- Current limiting on the output.
- Visual indication of high voltage input.
Voltage Probes is an optional extra for the following products:
- 1GHz EMC emissions Analyzer
- Pre-Selectors for EMC test
- Ancillaries.. conducted
- CRS+
Voltage Probes appears in the following kits:
- CLIENTS (optional for this kit)

LISN and Voltage Probes

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