Reliant EMC

Conducted emission measurements

Emission Conducted testing insures that your product does not cause interference with other electronic equipment conductively.
Every country requires that electronic products are compliant with Conducted Emission standards; therefore it is clear that Conducted Emission testing should be an important part of the design process.
Furthermore, Reliant EMC could help designer engineers identify the conductively of common mode and differential mode signals from their electronic products.
Reliant EMC provides practical, compact and easy-to-use instrumentation to help you meet current worldwide Conducted Emission test requirements.
You can perform compliance testing with the help of the instrumentation provided by Reliant EMC.

3GHz EMC emissions Analyzer

High performance, PC controlled, 3GHz EMC analyzer with powerful Windows software application.


1GHz EMC emissions Analyzer

The SA1002 is a full featured EMC emissions analyzer for all EMC compliance measurements up to 1GHz


Pre-Selectors for EMC test

Pre-Selectors are an essential requirement if measuring conducted emissions that have high broadband noise content. They effectively convert an EMC Analyzer into a receiver, as specified by CISPR16.


See Technical Paper for a fully explanation of pre-selectors and why they are important.


LISN & Voltage Probes

These ancillaries enable compliant conducted emission tests. A wide range of LISNs plus voltage probe are available.


Ancillaries.. conducted

Filters and pre-amplifiers can be vital tools when measuring conducted emissions.



The CRS+ is used to check the calibration and operation of conducted EMC emissions test equipment.


Conducted emission Products