Reliant EMC

Miniature EMC Antenna

Miniature calibrated antenna for RF emission and screening measurements

The CTS011 is a miniature (9.5 x 7.5 x 2cm) dipole antenna fully calibrated over the range 30MHz " 2GHz. It features a built-in head amplifier and an all molded case design which makes this antenna ideal for EMC measurements in confined spaces. Applications include radiated emission tests in small compact chambers and screening effectiveness measurements in small enclosures. It also acts as an ideal antenna
Miniature calibrated antenna for RF emission and screening measurements.

Key Points

· 30MHz to 2GHz frequency range.
· High sensitivity at all frequencies.
· Perfect for screening tests in small enclosures.
· Calibrated for EMC radiated emission measurements, antenna factor comparable to standard log-periodic, even at low frequencies.
· Ideal for analyzing field patterns around EMC test sites/chambers and transmitter installations.
Active antenna - A low noise head amplifier is built-in inside the antenna to provide high sensitivity and large antenna– performance. Phantom power is provided up the antenna output cable from a battery powered interface unit.

Integrated - The CTS011 is shipped complete with all cables, interface unit and battery charger.
The interface unit includes a 0dB and 20dB gain

Calibration - The CTS011 is supplied complete with antenna factor calibration which includes separate data for both the 0dB and 20dB gain interface unit channels.

Compact -The exceptionally small size and high sensitivity is ideal for mobile applications such as site surveys and test site evaluations. The molded casing also makes the antenna drop proof!

Laplace Instruments Miniature EMC Antenna


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