Reliant EMC

Antennas for EMC testing

Laplace offers a Comprehensive range of antennas.
These cover all the radiated emissions and immunity test requirements. All antennas are supplied with calibration and AF data.
0.009  – 30 MHz
Large Loop Antenna
(Van Veen Loop)


EN55015 (Luminaries)
Optional RF300C calibration loop avaliable
0.009  – 60 MHz
1m mono-pole
Active mono-pole
0.01  – 30 MHz
Loop antenna
Automotive, CISPR16
Active loop, 18″ diameter
30  – 1000 MHz
Log Periodic
OATS and chamber emissions measurements
includes adjustable stand
1000 – 3000 MHz
Log Periodic
miniature antenna
30 – 6000 MHz
Hybird Trilog
OATS (emissions) or Chamber (emissions + immunity)
200/100w power input
10V/m (min) @ 3m
25V/m (min) @ 1m
Key Points
  • · Pre-calibrated and issued with Antenna Factors
  • · Specifically designed for EMC measurements
  • · Sensitivity and performance to match other industry-standard types
  • · Wide range to suit both OATS and chamber applications



Antennas for EMC testing is an optional extra for the following products:
SA3000 - 3GHz EMC Emissions Analyzer
SA1002 - 1GHz EMC Emissions Analyzer
EMC10.3G Emissions Reference Source

Antennas for EMC testing appears in the following kits:
• RFG kit (optional for this kit)


Laplace Instruments Antennas

RF300 Van Veen Large Loop Antenna:
a fully compliant, 3 axis 2m diameter loop antenna, complete with non-metallic stand, current transducers, loop switching system and cables. To enable on-site calibration, a calibration loop is available, manufactured strictly in accordance with CISPR16.
an active monopole which includes the ground plane, pre-amplifier and 50ohm impedance output.
an active loop antenna complete with rechargeable battery supply and battery charger. Calibration data includes dBuV output conversion to dBuA/m.
RF200 Broadband EMC Log Periodict Antenna:
A conventional log peridodic antenna complete with stand and adaptor to enable vertical and horizontal polatrisation modes, and height adjustment from 1m to 2m
A compact log periodic antenna with a frequency range from 700MHz to 6GHz.
A hybrid antenna capable of emissions measurements and RF transmission for immunity. Rated at 100w (cont) and 200w (short term).
Includes stand and polarisation adaptors.

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RF300 Large Loop Antenna (Van Leen Loop)
RF300 Large Loop Antenna (Van Leen Loop)


RF200 Aneanna
RF200 Antenna


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