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more then 30 years of EMC Technology from HILO-TEST

In the 70’s EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) became an important regulatory issue in the USA. The European market also realized the issue of EMC and started to enact it own standards in this time frame.
The founders of HILO-TEST realized the market potential and need for test equipment that would allow manufacturers to test their products to the new EMC standards.
The name of HILO-TEST derives from “high voltage test equipment” and “low current measuring resistors”.
Since its early stages, HILO-TEST influenced the development and progress of EMC technology.
Today HILO-TEST offers the industry’s widest range of standardized EMC equipment, comprising of technically outstanding test instrumentation, such as the compact CE-Tester.
The compact CE-Tester provides test capabilities for Burst, Surge and Mains Simulation and complies with the latest national and international EMC standards.



EMC instrumentation, designed by HILO-TEST, and adapted to individual customer requirements, makes up a substantial portion of HILO-TEST’s production. Its experience, together with the use of up to date production technologies allow HILO-TEST to manufacture prototypes and modifications to existing equipment in very short time.



 Hilo-Test company Highlights

Due to the continued growth of HILO-TEST, in 2011 they moved to a larger and more modern headquarters and manufacturing facility.
Since 01/07/2011 HILO-TEST is located at 76297 Stutensee, 6 km north of Karlsruhe.
Development and production of the HV Pulse Generators
PG 10-200 and PG 12-360 for impulse voltage tests of Solar Modules.
Revision of the broad band high voltage dividers HVT *** RCR.
Change of ownership of HILO-TEST to Dipl. Ing. Eduard Pohlner. 
Dr. Josef Herold remains active in the company and HILO-TEST is glad to be able to profit of his extensive experience. 
Component test generators like: CAP-TESTER,  VARISTOR-TESTER, RESISTOR-TESTER etc.
Continuous development of the Surge Current Generators: 8/20µs, 50 kA& 100 kA Surge voltage generator: 1.2/50µs, 140 kV.
DIN ISO 9001-2000 Certification.
Continuous development of the ITU-T-Surge generator, 10/700µs, 6 kV/ 10kV/14kV, AC/DC-high-voltage test set´s: AC-TESTER,  CAR-TESTER, LOAD-DUMP Generator.
Continuous development of the Connection test system: CON-TESTER
Continuous development of the Crowbar-Surge Generator, 20 kA, 10/350 µs and of the Combination wave generator: 24 kV, 1.2/50µs, 12 kA, 8/20µs.
Expansion of sales activities to America and Asia.  Development of a new series of pulse generators with micro processor control.
introduction of a completely new system of test generators for computer controlled EMC test.
Construction of a new 1600 m² factory, wholly owned by HILO-TEST, for development, production and administration.
Establishment of Europeans sales representative network.
Surge Current Generator,  200 kA, 5/1000 µs, 120 kJ
Combination wave generator for EMC test, 10 kV, 1.2/50 µs, 5 kA, 8/20 µs
Design and production of HILO - TEST well known Surge Current Generator: EMC 2000, for testing of over-voltage protectors (20 kA, 8/20 µs). It´s technical features are still current today.
Company started by Gisela Schwab and Dr. Josef Herold. Share capital: 51.000 Euro


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