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GTEM 2000 GTEM Cell from GTEM Italia
GTEM 2000 GTEM Cell from GTEM Italia
GTEM ITALIA GTEM 2000 Spherical Structure of 65cm anechoic absorbers

Main Technical Specifications / Max EUT Size
Frequency range
0.01MHz – 20GHz*
Septum Height [mm]:
Max EUT Size (LxWxH)cm
Defined test Vol. within 6dB
Typical VSWR
Typical VSWR at critical frequency
Max Input power, W continuous/*pulsed
Input connector
N or 7/16"
Nominal impedance
50 Ohm
Window in the door
Diam. 200 mm.
Empty Technical panel
N.2 Diam.200 mm.
Mechanical Dimensions
Outer LxWxH [cm]:
Door WxH [cm]:
100x160 Clear passage
Weight Kg. Approx
Wheeeled undercarriage
25cm high
Electrical Specifications
Mains connectors
Main Switch
16A magneto-thermal
Input Socket plug
16Aac (Single phase + ground) IEC
Output Socket EUT tape
16Aac (Single phase + ground) Schuko
Additional EUT sockets
Ground connection
M6 bolt
AC filter wires (Single PH+Ground)
16Amp. 2 wires
Channel for fiber optic leads
3 couples
RF feed-thru connector
N.2 N type double female
RF feed-thru SMA type connectors
N.2 SMA type double female
Secondary AC/DC Filter
N.1 10A 250V.


Electrical Equipment / Options
AC filter 30A/2 wire (2PH+Ground)
AC filter 16A/4 wires (3PH+N+Ground)
Electrical safety interlook
Indoor lighting 20W LED
9-poles signal filter (DB9)
25-poles signal filter (DB25)
Channel for fibre optic leads (3 couple)
Additional RF feed-thru N type connector
Additional RF feed-thru SMA type connector
RJ45(RJ11) feed-thru connector
Technical panel pre-drilled for options
Video camera system


Mechanical Equipment / Options
Gas / Water feed through plates
Honeycomb panel
Fans N.1 12×12cm
Empty Technical panel
Wheeled undercarriage


Packing Slip for GTEM 2000
N.8 carton boxes 136x64x78cm 22kg Ea. Tot.Vol. 5,44mc, Tot. 176Kg (Absorbers) N.1 carton box 68x64x78cm, 11kg, 0,34mc (Absorbers) N.2 crates 224x159x57cm, 450kg Ea. 4,06mc, tot.900kg (Trolley, metal sheets, door, screws, revets and accessories) N.1 pallet 219x174x67cm, 650kg, 2,55mc, tot.650kg (Oversize metal sheets and steel bars) TOTAL ITEMS: 12, TOTAL VOLUME 12,39mc , TOTAL WEIGTH 1.737kg






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