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The revolution of EMC test laboratories

The SAC-10 Plus Triton is Frankonia’s most modern and fully compliant EMC testing solution with a Quiet Zone of 3,0 m.
The innovative shape with its optimized absorber layout allows for a use of three axes having a ready test setup for emission and immunity tests.
The Triton is designed for test labs, that….
  • · want to eliminate measuring inaccuracy
  • · want to increase their productivity and capacity by means of time saving
  • · don’t want to change manually their test setups for every single EMI/EMS test
  • · aspire a minimum investment volume by using a space-saving anechoic chamber with ingenious design
  • · are looking for a future-proof anechoic chamber with unique advantages and modern technologies
  • · don’t want to waste time on reproducing test setups and testing conditions
  • · want to test full-compliant emission and immunity of several products in a single chamber and in one step
  • · don’t want to carry absorbers and antennas inside and outside the anechoic chamber that are needed for every specific test procedure
  • · want to put an end to defects and sources of errors at test setups
The Triton is the perfect test laboratory for service providers, research institutes and product developments, and for all who value efficiency and flexibility in operating an EMC lab.


Triton at a Glance

The Triton is the state-of-the-art EMC test laboratory that allows an efficient use, reduces costs and time and ensures a stable quality and performance level. Lined with Frankosorb® absorbers generating reproducible results, the Triton guarantees a future-proof solution for any kind of EMI/EMS testing at the highest level. 
  • Full compliant EMC Test Solution
    Validated according to CISPR 16-1-4, ANSI C63.4 and IEC/EN61000-4-3
  • Quiet Zone 3,0m at 10m, 5m & 3m test distances
    Semi-anechoic chamber designed for measuring distances of 10, 5 and 3 meters on a quiet zone of ø3,0 m.
  • Multiple Test Axes
    Innovative shape with optimized absorber layout with the use of three axes for emission and immunity tests.
  • Everything in the chamber
    Antennas and floor absorber areas for each procedure remain in the chamber and specifically move to the test position either in manual or semi-automatized mode.
  • • Reproducible and stable quality
    The quality of every EMC testing remains at a constantly high level, the testing time decreases, malfunction and damage is almost impossible.
  • Turnkey Solutions
    Anechoic Chamber and Test System from Frankonia
Frankonia’s SAC-10 Plus Triton is a revolution in EMC testing that shifts the focus to simplify the testing procedures for engineers and institutes and holistically improves the efficiency of your EMC lab.


Stable Conditions

With its long-term performance Frankosorb® Absorbers, Frankonia guarantees a constant performance level of the validated SAC-10 Plus chamber for 10 years.
Only Frankosorb® absorbers guarantee your investment on the long-term.


  • The breathtaking SAC-10 Plus Triton and Frankosorb®. An amazing and powerful match.
    • Semi-Anechoic Chamber
  • • Full complaint according to CISPR 16-1-4
  • • Full compliant with ANSI C63.4
  • • Full compliant with IEC/EN61000-4-3
  • • Already considers the standard changes expected for 2017 (CD)
  • • Multiple use of three (3) test axis
  • • 10m, 5m, & 3m measuring distances
  • • ø3,0m Turntable and Quiet Zone
  • • Movable floor-absorber board’s
  • • Floor absorbers for any EMI/EMS tests remain in the chamber
  • • Antennas for any EMI/EMS tests remain in the chamber
The Triton is a future-proof solution that is fully flexible for any EMI and EMS test procedures, either following the conception of the three test axes, or adapted to your own test procedure.


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