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Frankonia GmbH GTEM-Cells according to IEC/EN 61000-4-20 Septum-height: 250 mm to 2000 mm / 0.1 MHz to 18 GHz


The GTEM-cell is a TEM waveguide with the upper frequency limit
extended to the GHz range.
It is a low-cost alternative measurement facility for both radiated emission and immunity measurements.
It is included in the published standard IEC/EN 61000-4-20 “Emission and Immunity Testing in Transverse Electromagnetic (TEM) Waveguides”.
Compared to other measuring methods like EMC test in anechoic chambers or OATS (Open Area Test Sites), GTEM-cells
offer some significant advantages for the testing of small and medium sized EUT´s (Equipment Under Test) up to a frequency range of 18 GHz.
GTEM Advantages
Quick turnarounds of the EUT as well as numerous testing variations are easy and fast to handle.
Switching from emission to immunity testing requires only simple adjustments from receiver input to amplifier output.
You are irrespective of long waiting times associated with off-site test labs or weather and ambient delays that can occur at OATS facilities.
Whether you are at the design qualification, pre-compliance, compliance, or production sampling stage, the GTEM is the right choice for you.
GTEM Cells
GTEM test set-up for Radiated Immunity Data Sheet
GTEM-Cells according to IEC EN 61000-4-20 Data Sheet
GTEM-Cells according to IEC EN 61000-4-20 Accessories
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