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Core-6 EMI Receiver 9 kHz–6 GHz

This product has been DISCONTINUED by Frankonia.

A replacement product will be announced shortly.

The “CORE-6” is a very compact (19”, 1 RU), new digital EMI receiver which enables the user to make frequency-sweeps within a few seconds, which saves hours of measuring time during testing.
The receiver is fully compliant according to CISPR 16-1-1 and includes all important detectors like peak, quasi-peak, average, RMS, RMS-average and CISPR average.
The powerful software “EM-LAB” allows very comfortable, pre-programmed test runs according to CISPR/EN-standards as well as an “Expert entry”.
The preset test runs are intended for those engineers who don’t carry out EMC tests every day and are therefore not aware of all requirements specified in the relevant standards. With the help of
EM-LAB, you simply select your standard and start the test run for a “fast pre-check” or for the final “full compliant measurement”.
Additionally, professional EMC engineers have the possibility to use the “Expert entry” in which they can set their own parameters for limit-lines, correction factors, IF-bandwidth, detectors, measuring times, manual mode, frequency-lists, etc.
Pre-Amplifier and Pulse Limiter Built In
A 20dB pre-amplifier from 9 kHz to 6 GHz as well as a pulse limiter for conducted EMI measurements are already integrated in the CORE-6.
The CORE-6 EMI receiver has accessories like single or three-phase LISN’s, voltage-probes, coupling networks, antennas, near-field-probes or the Van der Hoofden test-head. A frequency-extension up to 18 GHz (CORE-18) will be available shortly.
• Frequency ranges: 9 kHz – 30 MHz and 30 MHz – 6 GHz
• Fully compliant according to CISPR 16-1-1
• Fast measurements by new digital design
• Integrated 20dB pre-amplifier
• Integrated pulse limiter up to 30 MHz
• Detectors: peak, quasi-peak, average, RMS, RMS-average, CISPR average.
• Automatic scan and manual mode
• USB and RS-232 interface
• Powerful software for full-automatic emission measurements including control of turntable and antenna masts
• Pre-programmed test runs according to CISPR standards
Pre-programmed test runs
The comfortable “pre-programmed test runs” are the fastest access to EMI measurements Just select your product standard from the list and start the measurement for conducted or radiated emission. Frequency-range, limit-lines, detector, automatic attenuation and other relevant settings are already pre-set in the software.
With the “Fast pre-check” you are getting an overview
about the emission of your EUT in a few seconds by use of the “Peak-detector”.
Select “Full compliance measurement” for example at the end of a new development, to make a test run with all settings according to your product standard.
Expert entry
With the “expert entry” you have full access to all possible settings of the CORE-6.
Create your own limit-lines, insert antenna factors and correction factors, set your frequency-range, select different detectors and different measuring times, control turn-tables and antenna masts, use the “manual-“, “spectrum-”, or “sweep mode”, create frequency-tables …
EM-LAB Control Software
The “EM-LAB” control software offers all possibilities to do
professional emission measurements.
Set-up menu
In the set-up menu you may create your own “Scan- tables”, which can be stored and loaded on request. Standard settings for tests according to EN/CISPR product standards are already stored in the software and can be simply loaded via the “Pre-programmed test runs” entry.
a scan-table does define
• Start-, stop-frequency
• Frequency-steps
• Detectors for pre-scan and final-scan Hold time for pre-scan and final-scan Resolution bandwidth
• Pre-amplifier ON/OFF Pre-selection ON/OFF
• Auxiliary equipment, like LISN, antenna …
• Limit lines and correction factors


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