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Harmonics and Flicker Generator - HFG01

The Harmonics & Flicker Generator (HFG01) has been designed by Eurofins York Ltd. (formerly York EMC Services Ltd) for the purpose of verifying harmonic and flicker test equipment. Until now there has been no easy and reliable way to externally check the performance of the measurement system to the EN/IEC 61000-3-2 harmonics and EN/IEC 61000-3-3 flicker standards.
The HFG01 allows the user to periodically verify their test equipment, ensuring compliance with standards and laboratory quality procedures. The unit provides a series of harmonic and flicker disturbances of a nominal but stable level. The generator may therefore be used to verify the stability of a measurement system. Alternatively due to its stability it may be used as a transfer standard from a calibrated system.

Stable load simulation

· Repeatable measurements

Injects harmonics to EN61000-3-2 and flicker to EN61000-3-3

· Evaluation of test systems specifically to EN standards

Compact and Portable

· Comparisons between multi-site test environments




The unit is a standalone device and requires no additional equipment. A four-way rotary switch selects the mode of operation. The modes are defined by firmware running on a micro-controller. This will enable the characteristics of the generator to be reprogrammed in line with future changes to the standards.
The HFG01 simulates equipment under test (EUT), generating known, repeatable levels of harmonic and flicker disturbance in one of four modes of operation.

  • In Steady State harmonics (SS) mode, a harmonic-rich current waveform is generated, allowing the harmonic measurement system to be verified. In this mode the generator simulates Class D equipment and produces harmonic levels that will fail the EN/IEC61000-3-2 pre A14 and post A14 Class D limits. This mode will pass EN/IEC61000-3-2 pre A14 and post A14 Class A limits.

  • Fluctuating harmonics (FL) mode alternates between two distinct current waveforms over a 10-second cycle. This mode again fails the EN/IEC61000-3-2 pre A14 Class D limits but passes the A14 limits.

  • In flicker test mode, a fixed level of mains disturbance is generated at a rate of 8.33Hz or 1Hz.
    • When tested to EN/IEC61000-3-3, the 8.33Hz rate produces a Pst >1, which lies above the limit line.
    • The 1Hz setting produces a Pst <1, which falls below the same limit.
  • Harmonics and flicker measurement systems validation and verification

  • Reference source for:
    • · Daily pre-test check
    • · Long-term performance monitoring
  • · Comparison of different harmonics and flicker measurement systems



Frequency Range
50Hz to 2kHz (40th harmonic) direct connection
Output connector
Standard mains plug to mate with local test equipment
330mm × 320mm × 170mm
Power supply
230Vac, 50Hz, 400W (maximum)
Thermal shutdown - red LED
1.0 Hz
8.333 Hz



Standard Order Kits

Part Number
Parts Included
Standard HFG01 harmonics and flicker generator kit
  • HFG01 harmonic and flicker generator
  • CAL12 - standard test


Output Measurement Results

Order Nº
Measurement of load current made according to EN61000-3-2 in Steady State and Fluctuating Harmonics modes. Fundamental (50Hz) to 40th harmonic.
Measurements of short term flicker (Pst) made according to EN61000-3-3 with disturbance at 1Hz and 8.33Hz rates


York EMC HFG01 Harmonics and Flicker Generator 01

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