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EMCIS Co., Ltd

• EMCIS makes a scientific convenience solution of electromagnetic waves.
•In the 21st century, the abundance of digital devices has created a world full of electromagnetic waves.
• EMCIS develops and supplies EMI solutions to this problem of electromagnetic waves with economic and scientific solutions.
• For 2015 EMCIS has introduced a EMI filter and analyzer as part of their comprehensive product line.


Key Milestones of EMCIS History

2012 EMI Filter Design for high-voltage Inverter used on
Hybrid vehicle
• Design and Consulting for Hyundai Motor for EMI Filter
for Hybrid vehicle
• Approved/Certified 4 types of EMI Filters by government lab
2010 New EMI Analyzer (model EA-300) launched – Source
Impedance function
2009 Contract of EMI Filter Design & Supplying for 12 firms, including KAI
2007~8 Contract of EMI Filter Design & Supplying for major 12
Defense Industry
2006 Supplying 7 major automobile makers as ODM basis EMI Filters
2005 Patents applied on EU / Design EMI Filters for Siemens
2003- 2004 Design and supplying MIL EMI Filters to Samsung
Thales, Doosan STD, Hyundai Automobile
2002 EMI/Spectrum Analyzer Launching,12 type of EMI Filters
design for LIGNex1 –MIL spec
2001 Acquiring ISO-9001 / Design & supplying EMC Chamber Power line Filter for ADD
2000 EMI Analyzer , LISN , Filter Analyzer , EMC
measurement Software launching (ADD)
1999 Established EMCIS Co., Ltd.


Why EMCIS is a good partner

1) Role as Technical Leader
• Chairman of EMC Components Development Association (35 firms)
• Committee Consultant for Venture League in Kyunggi-do
• Tech Committee member of Korea Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science(KIEES)
• Committee Member of Electromagnetic Technology Standard
• Consultant of EMC Center in Korea Radio Promotion Association(RAPA)

• Committee Member of Electromagnetic Test & Certificate Standard

2) More than 30years accumulated experience &Technology
- EMC Total Solution Company
- Global Patent 21 items


For EMI Analysis

EMCIS Solution for EMI Analysis

EMI Receiver Solution
• EA-2100 EMI Analyzer
• LN2-16N LISN (CISPR16-2)


For EMI Filter Analysis

EMCIS Solution for EMI Filter Analysis
Spectrum Analyzer Solution
• FA-2100 Filter Analyzer
• FA-001 Test Table


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