Reliant EMC

Transient Limiter

EMCIS makes three Transient Limiters to choose from.
The three models are:
• TL-B0930A/B - 9kHZ~30MHz
• TL-B1530A/B - 150KHz~30MHz
• TL-H0901A/B - 9kHz~1GHz

EMCIS Transient Limiter TL Series

• Applicable to Spectrum Analyzer, EMI Receiver
• Protect RF Input Port against over voltage
• Equipped High Pass Filter
Key Features
• In measuring, connect to RF Input of Spectrum Analyzer or EMI Receiver.
• Prevent RF Input circuit of Spectrum Analyzer or EMI
Receiver from being damaged by high-level transients
in powerline disturbance.
• Frequency Range is from 9kHz to 1 GHz per band,
two types for 10dB and for 20dB.
• Equipped High Frequency Pass Filter, so attenuate
higher harmonic.

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