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BF Family of DC EMI Filters


BF Series of DC EMI Filters

The BF Series of DC EMI Filters from EMCIS are manufactured for PCB level 2 line applications. They are used in MIL and Industrial applications and cover frequency range from 10kHz to 3GHz. 
The BF Series comes in two voltage ratings, 28V DC and 100V DC.  They range from 1 Amp to 10 Amp, and depending on the part number, have Attenuation Characteristics in accordance with MIL-STD-220B between 50dB to 100dB.



• Excellent filtering characteristics
• MIL, Industrial equipments.
• DC 28, 100V
• 10KHz~3GHz


EMCIS BF Series EMI Filters



Attenuation Characteristics


Shapes and Dimensions

EMCIS BF Series EMI Filters Top View

EMCIS BF Series EMI Filters Side View

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EMCIS DC Family of EMI Filters
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