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Photo-voltaic Inverter Testing

DAX 10-1000 series AC/DC Power Supplies for Photo-voltaic Inverter Testing

  • The state of art and ongoing developments of the technique to produce electric power from sun light are taking components of photo-voltaic systems to a very promising level of efficiency and reliability, this makes foresee a more and more wider diffusion of them. Accordingly significant investments for development and production of Solar Inverters are in progress. An important difference between solar inverters and usual inverters is the Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) function, with the MPPT functions solar inverters steadily adjust work point in order to get maximum power the modules can provide as it can very rapidly due to changes of illumination.


DANA AC DC Power Supply for Solar Inverter Testing

DANA AC DC Power Supply for Solar Inverter Testing


DANA Photovoltaic cell V vs insolation diagram

Solar inverters must be tested checking the MPPT function also in case of changing work conditions. Another big issue is to test solar inverters installed on moving vehicles like cars, trucks or boats because the change of MPPT point is much faster then for fixed modules. For this application the total time to scan the power absorbed from inverter, can handle in various illumination conditions is 1 ms and this is not possible with usual digital systems. DANA developed a control board (PS5) in order to obtain the changing velocity required by this type of application. The PS5 combined with a very fast Power Supply (slew rate better than 1V/μs) it gives the right reply to requirements of such applications as shown on the diagram below.


DANA Output diagram of the DA power supply programmed with the PS5 board

Output diagram of the DA power supply programmed with the PS5 board


The result obtained with the PS5 programming board makes DANA’s Power Supplies particularly suitable for this type of tests due to the following features: - rise and fall time of output voltage up to 1 V/μs with extremely low overshoots - recovery time from no load to full load under 20 μs for ±1% of set voltage - possibility to create the profile of a photo-voltaic cell with programming the PS5 board which works with 1.024 samples per ms. - V/I values settable in local (multi turn potentiometers) or in remotely (analog or digital programming)


DANA Block Diagram of a test system

DANA Block Diagram of a test system


The interface card "PS5" can be used in AC-DC Power Supplies in our series DA, which can have output voltage up to 800 Vdc with output power up to 40kW.


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