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The project of our high power electronic switch is due to
the need of interrupt the electronic circuit with high working continues voltages in order to avoid the sparkles that would derive during the commutation of the current in a common electro-mechanical switch.
Other features that intrinsically were obtained with the develop of the project are: minimize the weight and the size, actuation velocity unreachable with the electromechanical switch. It can work in hard environmental conditions, for instance in presence of gas, vibrations, etc. It can be controlled by low voltages and low currents and it can work as fast switch. After the first prototypes the customer who had commissioned the study, asked us to make it reversible and therefore bidirectional.
This last version allows to get more information from the switch about the features of work, therefore: working frequency, control of current as in a direct sense as in reverse sense, moreover being all this controls opto-insulated ensure reliability of the switch from interferences between the power circuit and the control command circuit.
The first application has ensured to obtain the technical data more interested in a small dimensions (at 550 gr for a weight) for commuting 270 Vdc and 265 A for about 70 kW.
Surely more applications are possible, with the guarantee that RDS on will be unaltered for all it lifetime.



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