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  • In the following pages we present our family of Linear Power Supplies, which can be built with output power up to 40kW also in 2 or in 4 Quadrants models with Bipolar outputs.
    It is "old" technique of conversion ensuring good reliability and output voltage / current quality.


    The main performance that distinguish this technique from the other (switching or other) is very low electronic noise output, fast recovery time at the load transient and fast reaction time to
    remote programming. Another feature not less important than the other is the absolute absence of radiated or conducted emissions so to be used in Anechoic Chambers for feeding EUT during “EMC”

    Particularly suitable for installation in test benches, Power Supplies can be used very easily by using them between 0 and the maximum output voltage as one quadrant amplifiers. In series "DAC" (current generators) is appreciate the fast rise time of current (8A/us) and in series "DLA" (voltage or current amplifiers) the speed of the output voltage reaches up to 8V/µs that allows it to follow in amplification up to a frequency of 100kHz.


    DANA A/C D/C Power Supply Diagram

Technical Data

Mains Input
115 or 230 or 400 Vac ± 10% 50-60 Hz
Line regulation
better than 50 ppm of output V max for the allowed input variation
Voltage and Current Output adjustable, by a 10 turns potentiometer from “0” to max rated
Load regulation for constant V
from no load to full load better than 50 ppm
Load regulation for constant I
better than 100 ppm of I max from “0” to V max .
Ripple and noise
measured in V mode, under 30 ppm (rms) of V max each 1.000 W
Recovery time
better than 20µs within ± 1% of set voltage from no load to full load.
Remote programming and feed-back (GPAC)
Opto-insulated analog signal 0÷10Vdc
Linearity better than 0.3% Drift better than 1.5mV/°C
Reaction to remote programming (slew rate)
1V / µs
After 20 minutes of preheating, better than 0.1% for 24 hours at 25°C ambient
Temperature coefficient
lower 50 ppm/°C in “voltage mode”;
lower 100 ppm/°C in “current mode”
Ambient temperature
work 0÷40°C
storage -10÷50°C
forced air
DANA A/C D/C Power Supply Front Panel
DANA DA Series Linear AC/DC Power Supply Front Panel


Front Panel Controls

Breaker switching equipment ON and OFF

Commands allowing to hold Power Supply in stand-by and to make it supply according to need while a LED shows selected function
P - slide switch enabling DC output in permanent mode (up to output voltage of 60 Vdc)
S - push-button to be used to avoid “DC” output when Power switch is on

V - A - OVP set up push-buttons when the Power Supply is in stand-by


OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
trimmer allowing to set up “hazard-limit” for the EUT, when picked it up inhibits Power Supply with an alarm LED lighting up


Alarm for over temperature of power circuit putting power supply in stand- by with an alarm LED lighting up


V/A - slide switches to select voltage and current programming mode through the potentiometers (Local) placed on the front panel or by a remote command between 0÷10 Vdc through the GPAC connector or GPIB/RS interface (option)
DC - slide switch to program the DC supply from the panel control (Local) or from a remote command through the GPAC or GPIB


Slide switches enabling the Power Supply to be programmed by an analog voltage (0÷10 Vdc) through the GPAC connector on the back or through an IEEE488 - RS232/485 interface (optional)


Section V
Potentiometer and display (with accuracy of 1.5%) showing output voltage or, by means of Check button, programmed voltage.
LED of “voltage mode”


Alarm LED with output inhibition showing the absence of one phase in models with 3-phase mains input or available for an alarm of a parameter chosen by the customer


Section A
Potentiometer and display (with accuracy of 1.5%) showing output current or, by means of Check button, programmed current.
LED of “current mode”


GND GroundPlug
+/- Auxiliary plugs to be used as test point up to 5 A max


Back Panel Controls
Remote Sense
Terminal block allowing to switch “remote sense” circuit control from power output plugs to remote sense, to recover a max voltage drop of 0,5 V for cable


“General Purpose Analog Control” connector to program remotely the Power Supply with 0÷10 Vdc analog optically isolated voltage for all functions, to read Voltage and Current proportional feed-back (0÷10 Vdc) and to enable “DC” output through a logic signal (0 - 5V) +/- Power output plugs


Power Diagrams
The power curves shown below can help users in choosing the most suitable and economical Power Supply for the use to which it is dedicated.
In Power Supplies with serial technique, the voltage difference between the input and the output is corrected in order to decrease the output voltage up to the set voltage by adjusting the pass
This regulation unfortunately generates heating closely linked to the differential voltage between input and output and the absorbed current. Based on these considerations it follows that the more
the voltage differential increases the higher the heat generated is. Therefore when you will use a Power Supply with a large full scale, at a relatively low output voltage, with the same current the
warming will be higher.
DANA, to attenuate these issues, offers for its customers the choose of current profile with which the power supply can be used avoiding energy wastes, if there is not need to work with a type A power diagram.


DANA Linear AC/DC Power Supply Power Diagrams



interface to program the Power Supply with IEEE488/RS232 standard
interface to program the Power Supply with IEEE488/RS485 standard
Electronic sink
3-phase mains input, in models with output power under 2,400 W

DANA Power Supply Options Diagram
The models in the table are available with voltage and output current on customer request.
N.B. * These models are not in standard dimensions


Order Example

DANA Order Example



the DA Series comes standard with a 3 year Warranty!


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