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D4A & D4AA Series

General Features

  • The Bipolar 4 Quadrants Power Supplies can source or sink current both in the positive quadrant and in the negative quadrant. This devices are suitable to work on capacitors because the polarity inversion doesn’t produce anti-polarization that could heat up the supplied capacity but it discharge the capacitor sinking the current. Others typical application is relative to the Engine’s supply when, during the brake’s phase, the engine produces a reverse current that it should be sinked in order to not damage the driver circuits. Another application could be the superconductors’ supplies where the necessity to work as sink is basic. In any case for this specific application DANA makes available to the customers a particular Bipolar Power Supply series called D4ASCX.



D4A – D4AC 4 Quadrants classic Power Supplies suitable to work both as source or as current sink from “0V” to max rated voltage and from “0A” to max rated current in all quadrants


D4AA – D4AAC Power Supplies dedicated to Automotive and Avionic EMC testing. They work as source and as sink with the third and fourth quadrant voltage limited to -10 Vdc but with the possibility
to superimpose to the testing voltage a sinusoidal voltage of 8/10 Vpp with 50


D4A – D4AA: Voltage Generator
D4AC - D4AAC: Current Generator
The technical features are the same of the reference’s family that is the DA Source series (voltage Generators) and DAC series (Current Generators).
The sinks have the same technical features of our Electronic
Loads DSOT series in constant current mode:
Power available: up to 40kW
Current available: up to ± 1.000A
Voltage available: D4AA - D4AAC - 15 ÷ + 400 Vdc
D4A - D4AC up to ± 400 Vdc
Other voltage available on request
In the following diagrams we’ll show you the current supply mode and the current sink mode of these Power Supplies.


DANA D4A - D4AC Example of Use


Both the D4A and D4AA come standard with a 3 year Warranty!


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