Reliant EMC

Bipolar Opposite Double Regulation 2-Quadrant

d20C Series


General features

The D2OC model is the cheaper solution of the D2AC model.
This Power Supply obtains the same general feature of the D2AC (page. 15) but with a lower reaction to remote programming (0,4V/µs instead of


DANA D2OC Example of Use



DANA produce 2 models with these technical features
Voltage Generator: D2OC Current Generator: D2OCC
This models have the same features of 2 referring family
(DO pp. 37-38-39 e DOC pp. 43-44-45).
Power available: up to 40kW
Voltage available: up to ±800 Vdc
Current available: up to ± 3.000A


3 Year Warranty Standard!


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