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Double Regulation Bipolar
2-Quadrants Power Supplies

D2O Series

General features

Power Supplies made to fulfill special requirement of tests in several fields, to obtain charge and discharge waveforms of battery in cyclic shift without disconnecting the battery from power supply to connect it to a load, for automotive tests and for all applications requiring a voltage generator and an electronic sink in only one equipment.


Technical Features

Power supply quadrant
Same features of DO series
Sink quadrant
In “constant current” mode same features of Electronic
Load of DSOT series working


DANA produce 2 models with these technical features
Voltage Generator: D2OC Current Generator: D2OCC
This models have the same features of 2 referring family.


Power available: up to 40kW
Voltage available: up to ±800 Vdc
Current available: up to ± 3.000A


Example of Use

DANA D2O Example of Use


DANA D2O Example of Use

DANA DSO Series Double Regulation 2-Quadrant Power Supplies




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