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D2AC Series


General Features

    The D2AC AC/DC Bipolar Opposite 2-Quadrant Power Supplies come with 2 opposite quadrants to provide the output current with a reverse pole. This is Indispensable in some galvanic or chemical
    processes that requiring a cyclic pole reversing bias of process electrodes in order to avoid the problems by contacts maintenance that performing the mechanical pole inversion.
  • In DC motor tests in order to invert the rotation way in absent of sparkle due to an electromechanical switch.
  • In DC electric motor management that it should be
    control the c.c.w. / c.w spin.
DANA D2AC Example of Use

DANA 2-Quadrant Power Supply Example of Use


DANA D2AC Example of Use



DANA produce 2 models with these technical features
Voltage Generator: D2AC
Current Generator: D2ACC
This models have the same features of 2 referring family
(DA pp. 5-6-7 e DAC pp. 29-30-31).


Power available: up to 40kW
Voltage available: up to ± 800 Vdc
Current available: up to ± 2.000A


DANA D2AC 80-50


Order Example

DANA D2AC Order Example


All DANA Power Supplies come with a standard 3 Year Warranty!


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