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D2a Series


Bipolar 2-Quadrant General Features

  • The DANA 2-Quadrant Power Supplies are made to satisfy the special requirement of testing in several fields, and to obtain charge and discharge waveforms of a battery in a cyclic way without having to disconnect the battery from the Power Supply and to connect it to a load.
    These 2-Quadrant power supplies are perfect for automotive tests and for all applications requiring a voltage generator and an electronic sink in only one equipment.
    These devices are very useful for internal combustion engines’ test rooms where is not permitted to have the batteries in the same room.
    These 2-Quadrant power supplies can also be used for some general capacitors tests or for electrolytic capacitors life’s test in order to evaluate the service’s temperature and the life cycle on the charge/discharge test (also exasperated).
    The 2-Quadrant power supplies are also useful in testing DC motors because when the engine brakes it produces back electromotive force. Or in automotive ignitions assembly line without battery on board because the car’s generator, without the electric load (battery) produces an high tension that could damage many electronics parts assembled on board.

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Source Section:
The technical features are the same of the reference’s family that is the DA Source series (voltage Generators) and DAC series (current Generators).
Sink Section:
The Technical features are the same of our Electronics Loads DSOT series in the constant current mode

Power available: up to 40kW
Voltage available: up to 500 Vdc
Current available: up to ± 1.000A

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